There is a large number of accommodation possibilities around Accra city, ranging from top-quality 5 and 4-star hotels to more moderate and modest of 3 and 2-star options as well as very reasonable hostels, which means there are great choices for any budget.

To ensure a seamless experience, we have partnered with a reputable company that specializes in facilitating hotel accommodations for conference attendees. This partnership guarantees not only a hassle-free booking process but also exclusive benefits, including specially negotiated fees that match or surpass what you will find elsewhere on the internet, as well as shuttlebus service from the airport to your hotel. Our aim is to provide you with the utmost value and ease in securing your accommodation.



ACCOMPANYING PERSON - Are you planning to stay at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and bring an accompanying person? We kindly request that accompanying persons aged 13 and older, who will be staying at the conference venue, register as accompanying persons in the online registration form. This requirement is in place for several important reasons:

Networking Opportunities:

The FIG Working Week is not just about the official sessions. It's also a hub for networking and interaction among attendees and accompanying persons. By registering, you gain the opportunity to connect with professionals, experts from various fields and their accompanying persons, potentially opening doors to valuable insights and contacts.

Exclusive Hotel Experience:

Reserving the hotel exclusively for FIG Working Week attendees ensures a more seamless and enjoyable experience for all. By registering, you contribute to the creation of a focused environment where attendees can collaborate, exchange ideas, and engage in discussions without distractions.

Security and Identification:

Registering helps the conference organizers and hotel staff identify attendees, ensuring a safe and organized environment throughout your stay.

In summary, registering as an accompanying person is not only a requirement but also a valuable opportunity to make the most of your stay at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and the FIG Working Week. We encourage you to embrace this chance to connect, learn, and experience the conference to its fullest potential.