Why sponsor at the FIG Working Week 2024?


Thriving Market Access: Ghana, with over 32 million people, opens doors to one of West Africa's most promising markets. Explore untapped opportunities in this vibrant nation.


Emerging Industries: Explore how your offerings can meet the demands of Ghana's growing sectors, from technology to renewable energy, and contribute to the nation's development.


Showcase Innovation: Position your brand as a trailblazer in geospatial technology and sustainable solutions. Engage a captive audience eager to discover the latest advancements.


Global Exposure: Gain unparalleled exposure to an international audience of decisionmakers, potential partners, and clients. Open doors to new collaborations and business ventures.


Networking Hub: Exhibit within a dynamic hub of knowledge exchange and networking. Forge strategic connections that can drive your business forward.


Thought Leadership: Demonstrate your thought leadership by sharing your expertise in sessions, workshops, and demonstrations. Cement your reputation as a leader in your field.


Market Insights: Tap into the pulse of the industry. Understand emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities firsthand, giving your business a competitive edge.


FIG Working Week is no ordinary conference; it is a week-long celebration of innovation and collaboration that unites the global community of surveying and spatial professionals. Here, you will have the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between science and the policymakers and stakeholders who drive real-world change.

For over a century, FIG has been organizing conferences, making it the perfect stage to meet the most influential figures within the surveying world. At the heart of this conference, a comprehensive exhibition will run concurrently. Position your brand at the forefront of the industry and build powerful relationships with key figures in the sector. Be part of a premier international event – network with influencers, showcase your brand, and forge powerful connections.

Explore Sponsorship Opportunities Now! [Download Prospectus .pdf, 750KB]



FIG Working Week 2024 provides a perfect opportunity to increase the awareness of your company or institute. A variety of sponsorship opportunities is available. The Working Week will bring together over 2000 surveying and geospatial professionals from across the globe, thus providing direct access to a diverse cross-section of highly sought industry stakeholders.

Sponsorship packages and exhibitor options are tailored to suit your marketing strategies and specific needs.

FIG Working Week offers a range of sponsorships packages that will showcase your products and services to our international delegates.

3,000 USD*

Get a little bit more and stand out from the other exhibitors.

7,000 USD*

As a Silver sponsor, your company will enjoy a strong alignment with the FIG Working Week 2024 through the many opportunities for branding and exposure, prior to, during and after the event.

10,000 USD*

As one of the Gold Sponsors of the FIG Working Week 2024, your organization will enjoy an excellent level of exposure and we will constantly work alongside you to provide opportunities to promote your company before, during and after the event.

20,000 USD*

We view our Platinum Sponsors as our partners in the successful execution of the FIG Working Week 2024 and will work alongside you to provide opportunities to promote your company through the prelude, during and after the Working Week.

This is a unique marketing opportunity, and we are confident your participation in this prestigious event at this level will provide your company with exceptional commercial rewards. As a Platinum Sponsor, your company will benefit from the highest level of exposure.

* Non-members of FIG, GhIS or LISAG pay an additional 20 %.

Explore Sponsorship Opportunities Now! [Download Prospectus .pdf, 750KB]

FIG/GHIS/LISAG MEMBERS 20,000 USD 10,000 USD 7,000 USD 3,000 USD 2,300 USD
NON MEMBERS 24,000 USD 12,000 USD 8,400 USD 3,600 USD 2,700 USD
Exhibit Space (metres - Provisional)   18 sqm 12 sqm 6 sqm 6 sqm 6 sqm
Advertisement in programme book 1 page 1/2 page      
Company logo on the conference bag *        
Conference bag insert max 5 pages 2 pages 1 page    
 Banner Placement in key traffic area for conference *        
Banner Placement in other area * *
Logo on conference website + hyperlink * * * * *
Logo in programme book * * * * *
Company description in conference app 125 100 75 50  
Company description in programme book 125 100 75 50  
 Social media promotion (# of posts) 4 2 2 2  
Inclusion in Eblast * * * *
Complimentary full registration pass  6 4 3 1  
Complimentary exhibition pass 4 3 2 2 2
Use of conference logo * * * * *
List of participants (depending on permission of the participants) *        


You will find below a number of ways to enhance visibility and association with the FIG Working Week. Sponsorship options are listed below so you can build an individual sponsorship package suited to your marketing needs. Your final contribution to the conference determines your sponsorship level, which in turn provides you with more benefits. Most packages are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Explore Sponsorship Opportunities Now! [Download Prospectus .pdf, 750KB]