Events in 2024

Seminars and Symposia organised or co-sponsored by FIG and its Commissions are highlighted with special colour.

8-9 May 2024, Mombasa, Kenya

ISK Pre-AGM Conference "Harnessing AI for ESG Compliant Surveying organised by Institution of Surveyors of Kenya ISK.
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12-18 May 2024, Sofia, Bulgaria

IGSM - International Geodetic Student Meeting . Supported by FIG Foundation.

13-17 May 2024, Changsha, China  

ISPRS TC I Mid-term Symposium on ‘Intelligent Sensing and Remote Sensing Application’ Website:

15 - 17, May 2024 - FLACSO Quito (Ecuador)
IGU Thematic Conference on Connecting Geographies from the Global South
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Abstract submission is open

19-24 May 2024

FIG Working Week 2024
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4 June 2024, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The International Innovation Invention Symposium (IntIIS), organised by UCSI University, School of Architecture & Built Environment, supported by FIG. Incl Poster Comptetition. Submit poster by: 10 May 2024
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6-7 June 2024, Johannisburg, South Africa

Drones & Unmanned Aviation conference
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11-14 June 2024, Las Vegas, USA

ISPRS TC II Mid-term Symposium on ‘Photogrammetry at the Age of AI / AR’

18-21 June 2024, Varaždin, Croatia

Challenges and Opportunities in BIM-GIS Integration - COBGI24 - workshop, organised by University North, Croatian Geodetic Society under the umbrella of FIG Commission 3 and Erasmus+ program BIRGIT.
Call for papers (deadline 15 April 2024)
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25-26 June 2024, Beijing, China

2024 Geospatial Intelligence Software Technology Conference
Web site:  Invitation (.pdf)

29 June - 8 July 2024, Albena Bulgaria

SGEM GeoConference 2024 organised by SGEM World Science
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August 2024

14th session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on GGIM

6-8 August 2024, Manila, Philippines

ISPRS TC V Mid-term Symposium on ‘Insight to Foresight via Geospatial Technologies’

24-30 August - Dublin, Ireland

Call for sessions is open until September 9, 2023   
Congress theme "Celebrating a World of Difference"
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24-26 September 2024, Kuching, Malaysia

FIG Commission 7 Annual meeting

FIG Commission 5 Annual Meeting

The 12th International FIG Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model & 3D Land Administration iheld as part of the Malaysian Geoinformation Week, Annual Meeting FIG Commission 5 - Positioning and Measurement, Annual Meeting FIG Commission 7 - Cadastre and Land Management, and UN Habitat Social Tenure Doman Model, STDM.
Deadline for the submission of a 500 -1000 words extended abstracts is 1 June 2024 (and when accepted a full paper by 15 August 2024).
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Geoinformation Week Malaysia:

22-25 October 2024, Perth, Australia

ISPRS TC IV Mid-term Symposium on ‘Spatial Information to Empower the Metaverse’ Website:

4-8 November 2024, Belém, Brazil

ISPRS TC III Mid-term Symposium on ‘Beyond the Canopy: Technologies and Applications of Remote Sensing’

14-16 November 2024, Kathmandu, Nepal

FIG Regional Conference 2024
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