FIG Internal Task Forces

Review of Commission, Task Force and Permanent Institution Structure 2000-2002

Dr. Tom Kennie

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The work of the original Task Force on the Future Governance of FIG is, subject to the final drafting of the statutes, nearing completion. In parallel an additional group will start work on the more specific issue of reviewing the existing structure of the Commissions, Task forces and Permanent Institutions of FIG.

In the light of:

  • The changes which have been occurring in the practice of surveying
  • The strategic priorities of the FIG
  • The need to integrate and coordinate the various work groups contributing to the work of the FIG (i.e. the Commissions, Task Forces and Permanent Institutions)
  • The existing and future work plans of the Technical/Professional Commissions of the FIG
  • The need for the FIG to assure itself of ongoing financial support, and
  • The new statutes relating to the Governance and Management of the FIG,

To consider and make recommendations for any changes to:

(a) Structural Issues

  • The current structure of the Commissions, Task Forces and Permanent Institutions
  • The process of identifying and electing members to progress the Technical/Professional work of the FIG
  • The existing structure and links between the Council strategy and the Task Forces, the Technical/Professional Commissions and the Permanent Institutions, and
  • Enhance the linkages between the elected posts in the management structure and the technical work of the FIG.

(b) Working Weeks and Congresses

To also consider and make recommendations for any changes to:

  • The balance of responsibilities and the financial arrangements associated with the decision to award a Working Week/Congress to one, or more Member Associations.

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