FIG Publications


The FIG publications are divided into four categories. This should assist members and other users to identify the profile and purpose of the various publications.

FIG Policy Statements

FIG Policy Statements include political declarations and recommendations endorsed by the FIG General Assembly. They are prepared to explain FIG policies on important topics to politicians, government agencies and other decision makers, as well as surveyors and other professionals.

FIG Guides

FIG Guides are technical or managerial guidelines endorsed by the Council and recorded by the General Assembly. They are prepared to deal with topical professional issues and provide guidance for the surveying profession and relevant partners.

FIG Reports

FIG Reports are technical reports representing the outcomes from scientific meetings and Commission working groups. The reports are approved by the Council and include valuable information on specific topics of relevance to the profession, members and individual surveyors.

FIG Regulations

FIG Regulations include statutes, internal rules and work plans adopted by the FIG organisation.

Guidelines for FIG Publications